Three of ARI's catalogs are available online.  Most parts listed in these catalogs are readily available for both replacement parts and new car construction.
Railcar Parts Mini Catalog
This mini-catalog is designed to supplement ARI's Railcar Car Parts* and Tank Car Valve & Accessories catalogs. If an item you need is not in this Mini Catalog, please refer to our complete Railway Car Parts* or Center Flow® Accessories or Tank Car Valve & Accessories Catalogs.
*This catalog is not yet available on line
Center Flow ® Accessories Catalog
ARI (formerly part of ACF Industries) created over thirty types of outlets and a variety of hatch arrangements for Center Flow Covered Hopper Cars.  This catalog gives the car owner the most comprehensive selection of outlets and hatches available for ARI and ACF built Center Flow Covered Hopper Cars.
Tank Car Valves & Accessories Catalog
ARI produces a wide variety of Valves for Tank Cars.  These include Chlorine Institute Angle Valves and Excess Flow Valves, Safety Relief Valves, and Bottom Outlet Valves.  This catalog also contains some of the more common items used on Tank Cars such as Placard Holders, Manway Covers, and BOV Flanges.
Custom Parts
ARI has the capability to provide items unique to your needs.  We can produce machine parts in virtually any configuration, using a broad range of materials. Send your drawing(s) to the fax number or email address below. 

Please note the following:
   1.  All prices are FOB shipping point.
   2.  Minimum billing is $25.00 per order.
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